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Our engine block department here at AIS is extremely accurate and efficient. We are able to achieve unmatched accuracy due to the use of our Rottler F88E machining center, Rottler HP7A cylinder block hone, and our Sunnen CH100 line hone.
  • Rottler F88E Machining Center – This multi-faceted machine is built for large diesel engines and is able to machine cylinder bores, main bearing bores, cam bores, deck surfaces, and cylinder head surfaces. This machine is capable of machining large engine blocks all the way up to a 20 cylinder. The machine is completely programmable and repeats up to .0001” of an inch. This gives the AIS team an advantage, above others, by allowing us to greatly increase our accuracy.
  • Rottler HP7A Cylinder Block Hone – This state-of-the-art machine allows us to finish up the cylinder boring process with a high level of accuracy and an amazing cylinder wall finish. This new machine utilizes the technology of Microsoft to be able to finish a cylinder wall to the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Sunnen CH100 Line Hone - This machine gives us, at AIS, the ability to take your engine block and line hone the main bearing surfaces and cam bearing surfaces. In today’s day and age we live in a fast-paced world, the Sunnen CH100 allows us to get your engine done quickly and correctly with the highest degree of accuracy.


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