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Crankshaft & Camshaft SERVICES

Here at AIS we value quality, therefore we only use high quality precision equipment. We have the ability to weld, grind, and polish crankshafts and camshafts on anything from a small Kubota to a full-size industrial Caterpillar. The use of our AMC K2700-U and Rex 1500 grinders allows us to perfect our craft and provide our customers with parts that meet or exceed industry specifications.

  • AMC K2700-U Grinder - Being one of the biggest crankshaft grinders in the state, this crankshaft grinder was built to last, with extra-strong castings to ensure stability and long life.All bearings are over-dimensioned to maximize reliability. An anti-friction coating eliminates the stick-slip effect.This grinder features fast and accurate set-up with the use of a face-plate system with integrated four-way adjustment. Variable 30 degree and 72 degree indexing with+/- 1 degree fine adjustment is standard. Maintenance free hardened ball screws and nuts ensure backlash free stroke settings in seconds. 
  • Rex 1500 Grinder - This Italian born crank grinder is a great example of the quality and precision we use at AIS. While the aforementioned grinder is what we use for all of the big stuff, the Rex 1500 grinder is the grinder we use for some of the smaller engines. This grinder helps us keep the utmost quality even on the smaller equipment.


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