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The AIS cylinder head department utilizes a variety of accurate and efficient machines to provide you with the highest quality cylinder head repair in the business. We have the ability to grind and cut valves, valve seats, machine valve guides, surface and deck cylinder heads, and machine injector tubes. We are able to machine anything from a 2 cylinder Kubota all the way up to a Cat 3600 series.
  • Rottler SF0E Surfacer – A high speed, volume oriented surfacing machine capable of producing consistent and exact surface finishes. This rigid machine gives us the ability to machine cylinder heads much better than other machine shops.
  • Serdi 100 Seat and Guide Machine -The SERDI 100 seat and guide machine is a revolutionary machine specially designed to machine valve seats. With the ability to machine all three seat angles in one cut, this machine gives AIS quality beyond most, especially when compared to people who still use stones to cut valve seats. Valve seat to guide concentricity is machined to within .002″ while the, often overlooked, valve protrusion is controlled from cylinder head to cylinder head. The machine utilizes airfloat technology, a live pilot, and a floating sphere to locate guide bores. This unique technology gives AIS the ability to accurately and efficiently machine valve seats.
  • Rottler SG80M Seat and Guide Machine – Our state of the art Rottler SG80M cylinder head machine is used for the highest quality cylinder head repair. This machine is capable of machining both valve guides and valve seat via the adjustable air float table. This machine is highly accurate as well as highly efficient, allowing us to take your cylinder head and return it to you quickly and confidently.


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